Tekno Bumi Sdn Bhd was incorporated under the companies’ act 1965 in the year 1994 as a private limited company. However, it has undergone many years of dormant state and only has been active since 2008. It has involved itself into many types of business but to no avail. Only in 2010 did the company makes its mark in the telecommunication industries and remain active till to date. 

To cater for the ever growing business opportunities gained and offered, the company has now grown from a One-man operation to a Group of dedicated and experienced individuals who manned the management and the operation of the company.

Started small but with vigilance, this 100% Bumiputra-Owned Company has now ventured into different area of businesses; the electrical power distribution industires mainly in suppsupporting 

The company is confident that with the additional new line of business opportunities in the railway and electrical power in addition to its existing telecommunication business, the company will excel to a greater heights and will BE THE BEST THAT IT CAN BE.


Power Cable

(MICHAUD) Network Insulation Piercing Connector

(MICHAUD) Service Insulation Piercing Connector

(MICHAUD) Street Light Insulation Piercing Connector

(MICHAUD) Bare Conductor Network Connector

(MICHAUD) Multitap Aerial Connection Box

(MICHAUD) LV Underground Service Box

(MICHAUD) Preinsulated Sleeve with Mechanical Tightening

(MICHAUD) Preinsulated Compression Sleeve E140

(MICHAUD) Preinsulated Compression Sleeve E173

(MICHAUD) Preinsulated Compression Sleeve E215

(MICHAUD) Preinsulated CPTAU Lug


(MICHAUD) Fuse Switch Disconnector

(MICHAUD) Cutout Sleeve


Circuit Breaker

Anchoring Assembly

(MICHAUD) Suspension Assembly

(MICHAUD) Stainless Steel Strap

Earth System and Short-Circuiting Device

Switch Earth System & Short Circuit Device for Gang FSD

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

LED Tube

High Bay


Access Control System

Sign Board

Information Digital Sign

Electrical Product


Miscellaneous Bracket

Galvanized Screw & Bolt

Galvanized Pool (Boom)

Pool with Base

Patch Panel

Modular Jack

Modular Connector

Face Plate

Cable Rubber Boot

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